Symphony Server Manager


User Guide

Symphony Server Manager will track all the information required to manage any number of FileMaker servers, web servers, and SSL certificates. But it is not just a static information storage app. Its interactive power will retrieve all relevant information which the server’s API will provide.

Symphony may retrieve this information from a server:

  • Server name
  • Exact server version
  • Running status
  • FileMaker license details
  • SSL certificate details
  • List of hosted files
  • List of connected users
  • Database file location paths and backup folder paths
  • And more

The Servers detail screen:

Select "FileMaker Server" type to display FileMaker specific details.
The left half of the details screen is used to track type of server, either "FileMaker Server" or "Web," with more details coming soon for web servers.

The SSL Certificates screen:

Record all information required for SSL certificates. Use the container fields to store all the certificate files:

  • The Server Request file
  • The Private Key file
  • The Signed Certificate file
  • The Intermediate Certificate file
There’s also a place to store the Private Key Password and ability to auto- generate a random password.

Admin screen: Users

Create any number of users with custom logins.
In the free version, the default user has Admin status.

Admin screen:
Devices - Log - Server Processes

These three tabs record interaction with the Symphony software.

Settings screen: User & Device Settings

Adjust preferences for screen views, keyboard shortcuts, and privilege sets on the User & Device Settings/ User Settings tab.
The Device Settings tab on the User & Device Settings screen will record information about the device used to open Symphony. It also includes a quick-click button to FileMaker preferences.

Settings screen:

Basic App Settings/Users
Find easy copy-and-paste templates to send to a first-time user needing login information or for any users requiring password reset instructions.

Basic App Settings/Default User Preferences

Set the default keyboard shortcuts which may be applied to all users.

Basic App Settings/Plug-ins, Miscellaneous

Record licensing information for MBS software, and keep lists of hosting providers, company locations, and time zones.

Help screen: Tutorials

View built-in tutorials for advanced features. Use the other tabs on the Help screen to provide feedback, to get more information about Symphony, and to see the dedicated Symphony webpage.
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